Work smarter: the top 5 AI tools for enhanced office productivity

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Do you sometimes drown in mundane administrative tasks? Do these chores consume a significant portion of your time, preventing you from focusing on more important and interesting work? Or do you frequently miss deadlines at the office? If the answer is 'yes' to any of these questions, it's high time you let technology do the work for you. In this article, you'll learn about the five best AI tools that help enhance your office productivity.

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July 17, 2023
Dick Gennissen

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently a hot topic, and for good reason. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we work. But where do you start? With the vast array of AI tools that have been launched recently, it might be challenging to pinpoint exactly the right ones. That's why we've curated a selection for you. Here are 5 handy, efficient AI tools that help you organize your work smarter. 


1. Murf: AI-based voice generator

Need a professional voice-over for a presentation, video, or your website? Then Murf is definitely worth a try. This AI-based voice generator serves as a text-to-speech tool, allowing you to convert your own voice recordings into studio-quality voice-overs. Murf is a do-it-yourself platform offering over 120 high-quality voices in 15 different languages. Fine-tune your voice-over to sound exactly as you wish by adjusting parameters such as pitch, speed, and pause length. With an Enterprise subscription, you can collaborate with your team on multiple projects. 


What can you do with Murf?

  • Add voice-overs to trainings
  • Professionalize your podcasts
  • Include voice-overs in presentations
  • Enhance your sales and marketing videos with voice-overs

2. Timely: AI-powered time tracking software

Time tracking is perhaps one of the most disliked administrative tasks. Forgetting to do it means spending more time later figuring out exactly what you did and how much time it took. Timely eliminates that frustration. This AI-powered time tracking software automatically logs the time you and your team spend on web and desktop apps. The tool generates accurate daily reports of all time spent on documents, emails, meetings, and video calls. Its intuitive interface reduces the time spent on tracking from day one. Timely offers native integrations and open APIs with nearly all major software, so you don't need to change your existing workflows to use it. 


What can you do with Timely?

  • Track how much time you spend on tasks
  • Track and monitor project budgets
  • Provide transparent reporting and invoicing to clients

3. Pymetrics: behavioral insights

With the current tight labor market and many companies aiming to become more inclusive, Pymetrics is an intriguing tool. Pymetrics leverages data-driven behavioral insights to enable a more efficient and fairer recruitment process. It is an essential tool that automates the entire recruitment and application cycle, allowing the HR department to focus entirely on the strategic and creative aspects of talent scouting. The tool even builds custom algorithms to recruit people based on your precise requirements. All candidate evaluations conducted by this platform to filter candidates are completely fair and scientifically validated. 


What can you do with Pymetrics?

  • Find suitable candidates for vacancies
  • Eliminate 'embedded' biases in your recruitment process
  • Gamify your recruitment process by adding a gaming element

4. Rationale: informed decision-making

Looking to make difficult decisions easier? Rationale is a platform that assists business owners and managers in this endeavor. The tool works simply: you just need to input an outstanding decision or undecided options. The tool automatically provides an analysis of the pros and cons, a SWOT analysis, and a causal analysis so you can make an informed decision. With Artificial Intelligence, all relevant factors and your background are incorporated into the analyses. Pro-tip: remember to adjust the tone of the analysis to align the final decision with your context and preferred narrative. 


What can you do with Rationale?

  • Make faster, more accurate, and efficient decisions
  • Gather arguments to support your position

5. ChatGTP Code Interpreter

There has been so much said and written about ChatGPT recently that this tip may seem like stating the obvious. However, you can easily integrate ChatGPT into your daily work routine. Consider the tool as an expert friend available 24/7 to chat with you and provide interesting insights.

But did you know you can get even more out of ChatGPT through plugins? One such example is the Code Interpreter. Developed by OpenAI, this innovative tool expands ChatGPT's capabilities by enabling it to understand and interact with various programming languages. The ChatGPT Code Interpreter acts as a bridge between human language and code, allowing users to input code and receive relevant results or explanations from ChatGPT, even visualized.

Example: Ask ChatGPT's Code Interpreter to create a bar chart from a specific dataset, and it will generate the visualization for you in no time.


ChatGTP Code Interpreter:

  • Acts as a bridge between human language and code
  • Creates visualizations of your dataset
  • Transforms the way we approach coding


Boosting office productivity and efficiency comes down to smartly leveraging the technology readily available today. The five AI tools discussed in this blog - Murf, Timely, Pymetrics, Rationale, and ChatGPT Code Interpreter - streamline your workflow, reduce administrative overhead, and enable smarter working practices. Incorporate these tools into your daily office routine, and you'll reclaim more time for the work that truly energizes you. 

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