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Need additional resources or expertise in your own development team? Our experienced IT professionals come to complement and strengthen your development team with their extensive knowledge and experience.

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A suitable profile within 5 days?

You know the situation, your development team has too much work, but finding good people to expand your team with is challenging and time-consuming. Human Digital solves this problem for you!

Our areas of expertise

Can we help you with additional deployment for Backend development with Microsoft .NET? Front-end development with React, Vue, NextJs, Angular or just HTML and (S)CSS? Full-stack with a combination of backend and front-end? Or rather team support roles such as Product Owner, tester or Scrum master

We fill every demand with the best-suited professional.

Why hire an IT professional?


Our interim IT professionals are experienced developers, testers, scrum masters, product owners and other specialist roles. They are senior in their field and have many years of experience. They keep their knowledge level high through professional training and their extensive work experience.


Every project and client has its own challenges and complexities. Our Professionals are used to working in ever-changing environments and adapt quickly. They are quickly up-to-speed to fulfil their role in the team with 100% dedication.


Our Professionals adapt quickly, to the new environment. But we are also quick when it comes to filling in an application. In most cases, we have already delivered one or more suitable profiles within 5 days, after which the selection can begin. If the right match is made, the Professional can also start quickly.

Cost savings

An interim Professional's extensive and varied project experience means he is quickly up-to-speed. This saves you familiarisation time. Costs for hardware and investments in hiring and training a full-time employee are a thing of the past. And if the extra effort is no longer needed, the Professional moves on to the next client.


Our working method is completely transparent towards all parties involved! This works very enlightening from the very first moment and prevents unwanted surprises during the term. Short lines of communication make communication equally transparent and effective.

Our approach

Identify the needs

After your request, we will start working for you immediately. You quickly need extra hands or knowledge for your IT project. We peel off your question and see which roles are best suited to your requirement.

Matching profiles

Our recruiters match your request with the appropriate available profiles. A front-end developer, back-end developer, full-stack developer, tester, scrum master, product owner or just someone with very specific product or professional knowledge: we usually find the perfect match within a week.

Introducing professionals

We present it to you and/or your team as the individual professional(s). At your office or prefer online? That's up to you. Is there a click? Then we can get started quickly. We determine a plan together and agree on a schedule.


The suitable profile has been found and your project can start! We make sure our professionals' knowledge and certification is always up to date and that he/she is well prepared to make a quick start.


Even during the deployment of our Professionals, we remain involved in the cooperation. We like to keep talking to both the Professionals and our clients. Periodic evaluations and conversations offer room for even further improvement.

Need additional expansion at short notice?

We have been working with our clients for more than 12 years to find the right match for their demand for interim resources. Every request is unique. Our personal approach ensures short lines of communication and transparent communication.

Our professionals excel in

Microsoft Azure
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A selection of organisations before you

ABN Amro
Van Lanschot Kempen
BMW Financial Services

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