Our people

We aspire to be among the best and strive for top quality. We achieve this by investing in our employees, who are invaluable to us. We believe in the principle that goodness begets goodness. This is Human Digital.
If you’re good to your staff when things are going well, they’ll rally when times go bad.
Dennis de Heus
Interim HR Manager
Whatever happens, always keep smiling.
Rik Beekmans
Back-end Developer
Complex technical challenges, that's what brings me joy!
Wesley da Silva
Operational Manager & Partner
Change is the essential process of all existence - Spock
David van Geel
Senior Sitecore Developer
I'm sorry, I bike.
Okke de Nijs
Senior Sitecore developer
Senior Visual Designer
Wouter Greveling
Senior Visual Designer
The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not being said.
Nila Ooms
Marketing and Communication
Collaborating for a bright future, that's what we do at Human Digital.
Elise van de Koevering
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible
Mike Pluijlaar
Senior front-end developer
Frond-end developer
Marco Fijan
Frond-end developer
Beautiful code makes for beautiful software.
Vanessa Michel
Senior Sitecore developer
Delivering added value brings me satisfaction.
Menderes Demir
Senior Sitecore developer
Get in, we're going on an adventure
Anthony van Buul
Senior front-end developer
Human Digital is a great group of people who live up to their name!
Raymond Deen
Senior Sitecore developer
I ensure that everything runs smoothly unnoticed.
Sharon van Bijsterveld
Office manager
Pushing boundaries as a team and creating increasingly beautiful digital products. That is truly my passion.
Dick Gennissen
Director Digital
Facing a new challenge every day.
Joris van Berckel
Back-end developer
Collaborating on digital experiences is what I find most rewarding.
Menno Visser
Senior Sitecore / .NET consultant
Just do it
Marc Gutlich
Head of Sales
A story never truly ends.
Laura Wientjes
Marketing and Communication
Every client has a distinct ambition, and each project has a unique goal.
Mark Romme
Projectmanager / Scrummaster
Scrum Master
Mitchell du Clou
Scrum Master
Building great things together. That is Human Digital for me.
Ruud van Falier
Technical Director
Attention improves things.
Koen Hachmang
Creative Lead
Improving, exploring new technologies, and creating exciting things make me happy.
Mathijs Litjens
Creative developer
With an enthusiastic team, you can achieve almost anything.
Christian Lok
Client Manager
If you don't make choices for yourself, you won't be chosen either!
Arjan Zuurbier
Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.
Luke van der Loop
Back-end Developer
Even when things are good, there is always room for improvement!
Martijn van der Put
Director Professionals
Visual Designer
Dewi Vlek
Visual Designer
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