“ If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my ax. ” is a well-known quote from Abraham Lincoln. If you want to achieve success, you will have to make sure that your preparation is good. That's how we work: prepared, sharp and involved. This translates into our services and what we can do for you and your organization or company.

Brand strategy

Choose to be chosen. That is generally a well-known law in marketing. 
We think about the way a brand positions itself in the world and the digital world. Human brands are powerful and we always seek out this human side of your brand. 

brand identity and positioning

All stories can be told through visuals, form, and language, including those of your brand. But what does that look like? That's what we create for your brand. A strong brand identity that resonates with the world and allows your brand to speak. A brand identity goes beyond visuals, language, and sound; it's about who a brand is. In how it interacts, for its employees, and most importantly, for its customers. What they see should be the same as what they experience, and vice versa. 

Een handige folder binnen de merkidentiteit van 365zon, gemaakt door Human Digital.
Een ludieke campagne uiting binnen de merkidentiteit van 365zon gemaakt door Human Digital.

Digital strategy

A digital strategy, as far as we're concerned, is not about technology. A good digital strategy is about the way in which people experience and want to experience your brand and company in a digital way. The world is becoming more digital, and we see that the interaction between people and brands is changing faster and faster. Through technology, people are able to change their minds and find what they're looking for more quickly. We provide a clear digital strategy that connects with your target audience and fits the people you're doing it for. We prioritize people and offer your organization a vision of the future

Geschiedenis van zuid-holland

User research

Optimal connection to the wishes and needs of the people you work for. That's what we go for. Instead of thinking about what's good for them, we do it differently. By listening carefully to you and your customers, we identify the right spot. With the aim: a digital approach that serves them, in a way that you envision. 

We adapt the research we do to the situation and demand. We organize accessible surveys, one-to-one interviews and / or (multiple) focus groups. In consultation with you, our customer, we make every effort to get the bottom stone. For example, we have the target group 100% sharp before we start a strategy or plan of action. We translate the studies into recognizable personas and clear customer journeys. With the aim: maximum impact on your digital channels. Fine for you and for your customer.

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