5 tips to retain valuable employees within your company

Every employer recognizes the importance of retaining valuable employees. It not only contributes to the success and growth of your company but also provides a tremendous boost and a pleasant work atmosphere when everything is running smoothly. But how do you retain and motivate your employees?

May 5, 2024
Laura Wientjes

1. Develop a strong company culture

In retaining TOP talent, such as our IT specialists, a positive and supportive culture plays a crucial role. This includes transparency, mutual respect, collaboration, and innovation. Create a work environment where your employees feel valued, heard, and supported.

How we do this at Human Digital?

At Human Digital, there is a positive and motivating atmosphere because we help and support each other whenever possible. Additionally, we respect each other's work and personalities. And innovation? We organize a monthly innovation day where we share insights over a friendly drink (or meal)!


2. Provide opportunities for professional growth & development

Every employee seeks ways to challenge themselves and grow. As an employer, it's important to provide opportunities for this, such as a training budget or offering internal training sessions and workshops.

How we do this at Human Digital?

At Human Digital, everyone receives a so-called 'training budget' to facilitate personal development. To support your personal growth plans, we review the steps you've taken monthly and discuss how to proceed to the next level. Want to earn a certificate? You can achieve that by attending a workshop or training session. Additionally, we provide internal training for our IT professionals through our academy.

3. Flexibility in work hours and work environment

Perhaps it's obvious, but flexibility in work hours and location is increasingly important for employees. When feasible, offer this option to your employees to enable better work-life balance, leading to greater satisfaction and engagement.

How we do this at Human Digital?

At Human Digital, we encourage our employees to be present in the office approximately 2 days a week. Beyond that, working from home is possible. For professionals, working at the client's location is also a regular practice.

4. Recognition and appreciation

Recognizing and appreciating your employees' work is essential for retaining valuable talent. Ensure that achievements are acknowledged and rewarded, both individually and as a team. This can include salary increases, bonuses, and company outings.

How we do this at Human Digital?

At Human Digital, everyone receives a year-end bonus. Additionally, salary increases are possible based on performance and career progression. Company outings? We're quite familiar with those at Human Digital, from an annual weekend getaway to a New Year's dinner including partners, and celebrating carnival in Oeteldonk or a summer BBQ. We know how to have a good time!

5. Involve your employees in decision-making

Involving employees in decision-making processes and listening to their feedback and ideas contributes to the sense that they are making a valuable contribution. This enhances engagement in the organization's success.

How we do this at Human Digital?

At Human Digital, we listen to each other. There's always room for input, and everyone has the right to share their ideas. The level of involvement and responsibility is high, ensuring that every employee contributes to the success of our organization.


Retaining valuable employees is crucial for the success and growth of your company. A strong company culture that offers opportunities for employees to grow and develop ensures you can continue to retain a team of enthusiastic and motivated employees.

At Human Digital, we strive for valuable employees who bring knowledge and expertise and feel at home here. If you ask Rik, it's definitely working out well!

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