Does Umbraco 12
align with you organization's needs?

It serves as the foundation for your website or online platform: the Content Management System (CMS). This allows you to manage the backend of your website, filling pages and making minor adjustments. It is crucial that this process is both user-friendly and secure. Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce you to Umbraco 12. In our opinion, this is currently the leading open-source CMS in the Netherlands. The reasons for this assertion are explained in detail in this article.

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11 juli 2023
Marc Gutlich

Open source CMS Umbraco

Which CMS should you choose? A seemingly straightforward question, according to Human Digital. Umbraco stands out as the most compelling open-source CMS in the Netherlands. It is free, user-friendly for various roles, imposes no restrictions, and puts the user in full control. Umbraco boasts a dedicated following, comprising developers, content teams, and agencies that endorse its capabilities. Furthermore, its security features surpass those of other open-source CMS platforms. Umbraco is particularly well-suited for managing medium to large-scale websites. Does Umbraco align with your organization's CMS needs? That depends on the specific online requirements you have. Let's delve deeper into that.  

What is your online challenge? 

From our experience, we understand that many organizations initially don't opt for a CMS but instead have a primary need for a new website or platform.

New website or web platform

Reasons for a new website or web platform may include:

  • Revised online objectives: such as a shift towards more data-driven operations.
  • Dissatisfaction with presentation and visibility: concerns about the current website(s) presentation and sicoverability.
  • Employee challenges: staff encountering limitations and seeking a mature online solution that optimally facilitates the customer journey.
  • Content repurposing across channels: the need to reuse content across multiple channels.
  • Visual outdatedness: the existing website visually appears dated and doesn't align with the new brand identity.
  • User-centric transformation: the desire to transform your organization's website into an environment that seamlessly aligns with how users navigate, search, and interact, inspiring, informing, and converting.
  • Cost optimiztion: reduction of maintenance costs associated with current websites.
  • Strategic goal changes: the new communications manager sets different objectives for the site to achieve organizational goals.
  • Technical obsolescence: the current website is technologically outdated, increasing vulnerability to hacks or the loss of customer data.
  • Usability issues: the current website lacks user-friendliness.
  • Poor search engine visibility: difficulty in improving the website's search engine visibility.

A website, like a CMS, is not an end in itself. Ultimately, both the website and CMS support your strategy, organizational structure, staff, and systems. It is therefore crucial that the website and CMS align with these aspects. How do you create a solid starting point for this alignment? 

The foundation of your digital landscape? 

To clarify the choice of the means – in this case, the CMS – we must first delve into the question behind the question. Yes, you want to work more data-driven, but how does that fit into the larger picture of your organization? Or, you aim to optimize the customer journey, but what does that entail exactly? When you have answers to such probing questions, you reach the essence of what is required. From there, you can work backward: what is necessary to achieve this goal? This process leads you to the tools that align with your objectives. 

Is Umbraco 12 a fit for your organization? 

Human Digital is here to assist you with our effective yet pragmatic workshop, if we may say so ourselves. Collaborating with the client and our multidisciplinary team, we dedicate a day to delve into the business and customer queries. This process yields fresh insights, allows for idea validation, provides inspiration and advice. At the end of the session, we produce a tangible output for you to proceed with—whether it's a roadmap, a backlog, a prototype, a proposal, a mock-up, or a well-founded CMS selection. Whatever suits your needs.

Whether Umbraco 12 is a good fit for you organization?

We would be delighted to collaborate and provide our insights.

Umbraco: the CMS for (medium) large websites

Alright, you've reached the point where the organization's online objectives are clearly defined, and you know the path to achieving them. Everything indicates that Umbraco is the CMS that perfectly aligns with your organization. You manage a substantial number of pages collaboratively with a team, attract a significant daily site traffic, and your workplace operates with a data-driven approach. Furthermore, your website is integrated with various third-party systems and applications, such as inventory management and payment processing. For your needs, Umbraco is the most suitable tool!

Not surprisingly, considering that the originally Danish Umbraco has a global install base of over 730,000 websites. Introduced to the market in 2004, Umbraco quickly gained popularity in our country. This is primarily due to the software's flexibility—it can be easily tailored to individual customer requirements—and the abundance of .NET developers eager to work with this technology and freedom. Usability is one of Umbraco's unique selling points. The latest release, Umbraco 12, has introduced a significant set of fine, useful functionalities, further distinguishing Umbraco from other open-source CMS platforms.

Umbraco 12: here are the key changes

The dynamic blocks editor

As a marketer/content specialist, you don't want to rely on a software developer for every change. Whether launching a campaign for a new service or recruiting for a job vacancy, with the Dynamic Blocks Editor in Umbraco 12, you can effortlessly piece together a new template and layout. Expanding your existing template with a carousel, call to action, or an additional column—all of this can now be done independently. As a communications specialist, this gives you the freedom to create what is necessary for achieving the best online results. 

Influence on the look & feel of the website

In addition to the freedom to tailor online landing pages and event pages to the organization's needs, Umbraco assists you in creating a visually appealing 'front-end' of the site. With the Headless Content API, you can distribute this content across multiple digital channels. Additionally, Umbraco 12 incorporates Imagesharp 3 for image processing, bringing improvements in performance and more options to optimize your visual content. If you have experience with markup and CSS, Umbraco empowers you to effortlessly craft the most beautiful and user-friendly website

Key foundational functionalities summarized:

  • Content creation and editing using a 'what you see is what you get' editor.
  • The CMS is suitable for all your visual static and dynamic content. Uploading and modifying visual content is done in the media library.
  • Utilize the SEO checker to ensure search engine-friendly content.
  • Easily compose and reuse web forms, including workflow and processing.
  • Safeguard the corporate narrative by incorporating corporate texts and associated elements into fixed content blocks in designated areas.
  • Umbraco 12 features version control, allowing easy review and restoration of old versions of pages. 
  • Ability to assign roles and permissions, providing clarity on who can modify what. 
  • Enable data-driven operations and effective personalization using the Umarketing suite.
  • Guaranteed security. Umbraco ondergoes biannual testing for potential vulnerabilities. 

Want to learn more about Umbraco?

Umbraco has a broad and diverse customer base in the Dutch market. At Human Digital, we serve valued relationships with organizations such as NVM, Groene Hart Ziekenhuis, and recently, Koninklijke Visio. Umbraco also collaborates with entities including Berenschot, De Nederlandse Bank, Boskalis, TeamNL, Provincie Overijssel, Van der Valk hotels, and Heineken. 

If you would like more information about Umbraco or wish to delve deeper into your digital inquiries with us, feel free to contact Sales Manager Marc at or call 085 - 0020 678

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