Take the headless leap with Kontent.ai

November 15, 2022
Martijn van der Put

Are you in a situation where your online platform has been around for several years and you feel like you've hit its limits? Are you looking for a future-proof platform? Additionally, are you missing functionalities or stuck with tools that make your work more complex rather than easier? These signs indicate that it's a good time to explore systems from other vendors for your online platform.

Whether you're using a traditional Content Management System (CMS), Digital Experience Platform (DXP), or a headless system, the key point is that for whatever reason, you and your online platform are no longer the best possible match.

You're not alone in this situation. Many others like marketing managers, marketers, content editors, or IT managers find themselves in the same position or have been there before. They have all experienced similar symptoms. You want to do more with your online platform. Moving from standard functionalities in your online platform to those that better suit your needs. Creating the best content you can or creating a better and more professional way to collaborate with your colleagues when working on writing content for your online platform.

Monolith without a head

In the world of online platforms, much has changed, innovated, and improved over the past 20 years. The most recent change is the rise of headless content management systems. When you have a traditional CMS, it consists of two parts; the backend where you create and edit your content and the frontend (head) where you present the content in the form of a website.

In various cases, suppliers of a traditional CMS or DXP simply removed the head of their system and voila, they created their headless CMS. At least that's what they call it in their marketing texts. Beheading your traditional CMS or DXP doesn't automatically create a better system. It gives you a little more flexibility at the front end, but at the back end, you're still driving your grandmother's Volkswagen. That Volkswagen is still suitable if you want it to take you to other places without the speed and efficiency that modern cars provide. Modern cars contain the latest features that everyone craves, making driving a pleasurable experience.

Content-first is king with Kontent.ai

One of the companies that didn't behead their old system but decided to rebuild their headless CMS from the ground up is Kontent.ai.

Kontent.ai is a true headless CMS that focuses on the Content-First approach across multiple channels. Your marketers and content editors are employed to write content for your online platform as effectively as possible. So why do you want them to spend time setting up pages, placing components, and thinking about where to place images on the left or right side of a text? All these tasks distract them from what they are good at: writing content for your products, articles, news items, events, blogs, and all other types of content you need for all channels of your online platform.

Content Model

Whether your online platform includes multiple channels such as one or more websites, mobile apps, chatbots, or a voice assistant; your marketers and content editors write the content only once, and it is reused across different channels. Setting up a good Content Model is something we will cover in another article. 

With the right tools, collaboration becomes a party

Collaboration between your marketers, copywriters, and content editors when writing content is as easy as going to the supermarket; grab a cart and enter the store, put the items you need in your cart, check out at the cashier, and you're done.

Content calendar 

With the extensive content calendar, your marketing team has clear goals and deadlines in sight. Different colors for statuses add an extra dimension to your calendar and provide clear views.

In content items, your marketers and reviewers place comments on the content as they proofread these texts because, let's face it, nobody is perfect, and two or more eyes always see more than one.


The extensive workflow options in Kontent.ai provide your team with the tools to set up an effective content strategy. The workflow indicates the state of various content pieces, making it easier for the team to follow.

Workflow steps can be configured with roles to help your content writers by allowing them to work only on content they should be working on at that time. Your workflow can be a simple workflow with a few steps to write, review, and publish content, or even a complex workflow for larger teams with many different roles.

Digital maturity is a choice

To fully leverage the potential of Kontent.ai, a certain degree of digital and content maturity is required. Not sure if your organization is mature enough? Don't worry! Achieving a perfect score on both topics is not the end goal. It's good to analyze your current level of digital maturity and work on improvement from there.

You don't have to be perfect to start with Kontent.ai. With Kontent.ai's excellent tools and our experience, we can embark on this journey to a better online platform together. Test the digital maturity of your website for free now. Then we'll get started!

Is that all?

There's much more to tell about Kontent.ai; such as the freedom to choose the tools that best suit your needs in addition to Kontent.ai and your online platform, multilingual support, multiple versions of content, preview mode, and more. 

We're ready!

After reading this overview of what Kontent.ai can do for your online platform and your marketers, my question is: are you ready to take the next step with your online platform? Do you want to create better content for your multichannel platform and improve efficiency in your marketing team? We at Human Digital are ready to assist you and take the leap to Kontent.ai together! Fill in your details below, and we will contact you for an enjoyable discussion about Kontent.ai. 

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