Social search: personalized search experiences

An increasingly important phenomenon: Social Search. The use of social media platforms to find, discover, and share information has evolved significantly in recent years. The primary reason for this shift is the search behavior of Gen Z, who use Instagram and TikTok to fulfill their search needs. Online search is changing. How do we adapt? 

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March 25, 2024
Laura Wientjes

Search engines like Google have long dominated how people find information online. Entering specific search terms retrieves sources or relevant web pages and blogs. Since the advent – and enormous growth – of social media, there's been a shift towards more interactive and personalized search experiences. 

Social search: how does it work?

By integrating social signals such as likes, shares, comments, and recommendations into search algorithms, users can discover content recommended or shared by people in their social network. Additionally, social media platforms offer advanced search functionalities allowing content to be filtered based on criteria like location, date, hashtags, etc. This brings up relevant information tailored to specific user interests and needs. 

What are the benefits of social search?

  • Personalized recommendations: Users receive recommendations from people they know and trust, enhancing the relevance (and reliability) of the information. 
  • Real-time updates: Users gain quick access to current information and news due to real-time updates. 
  • Increased engagement: Users are encouraged to actively participate in discussions and conversations on social media channels by integrating social signals into search queries, ultimately leading to higher engagement and interaction. 
  • Expansion of network: Discovering new people, resources, and organizations within your social network is easy via social search, fostering collaborations, opportunities, connections, and potential friendships. 

Moving forward with social search

The role of social search is expected to continue growing. Social media platforms remain popular and are heavily used daily by certain generations. Combining social signals with search algorithms and artificial intelligence ensures a relevant, personalized search experience.

Social search plays a crucial role in navigating digital noise. Users can find information, become part of a community, and connect with like-minded individuals more quickly.

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