Carefree Black Friday with this software solution

A reassuring feeling: receiving notifications that your platform automatically scales based on visitor spikes. Whether it's Black Friday sales, Christmas shopping, Valentine's Day, the launch of a new product, an email campaign, or that influencer rocking a new pair of jeans, various factors can trigger high visitor numbers. And that's certainly a relief. However, for some outdated software and monolithic platforms, staying afloat during these peak moments can be challenging. 

Digital marketing
November 21, 2023
Marc Gutlich

Improving customer experience

Downtime and slow page speeds are equivalent to losing sales, and thus revenue, for e-commerce managers or online teams. Additionally, overtime, costs to keep the platform online and improve it do not contribute to a refined customer experience. You want your e-commerce platform to meet the needs and expectations of your online customers 365 days a year, at any time of day. 


Time for a change! Focus on what matters most: delivering a happy online experience to your shoppers. We can assist with Commercetools as the engine for your e-commerce platform. It's a software solution that ensures you can smoothly approach a happy Black Friday and all other potential peak moments. With its API-first and headless cloud approach following the MACH principle, Commercetools is the solution to your online headaches. 

Taking your online presence to the next level with Commercetools

We'd be delighted to demonstrate how Commercetools can enhance your organization's online service. Contact Marc at marc.gutlich@humandigital to prepare for those peak moments! 

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