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january 2024

Would you like to stay up-to-date with the latest digital developments and insights? Our colleagues at Human Digital are here to keep you informed. This time, Google is launching its latest AI model, Gemini, and we'll update you on Instagram Threads

Digital marketing Updates
January 04, 2024
Laura Wientjes

Google launced Gemini (Ultra)

Google has launched Gemini (Ultra), marking a significant milestone in AI development as stated by Google itself in early December. This latest model, named Gemini, allows users to instruct the artificial intelligence to create summaries of spoken text from recordings made in the Recorder app. Additionally, the technology can suggest replies in chat programs. Later this year, Google plans to release the most powerful version of Gemini yet, called Gemini Ultra. 


Instagram Threads 

Although Instagram Threads was launched globally in July, the platform became available in the Netherlands only from mid-December. Threads focuses on sharing text rather than images, which contrasts with Instagram's traditional emphasis on visual content. The platform is comparable to X, where user numbers have been declining for some time. This presents an opportunity for Threads. Through Threads, users can utilize up to 500 characters, links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long. 


Adobe is not acquiring Figma after all 

Adobe's plan to acquire Figma for $20 billion has been scrapped. The two companies concluded that there was no viable way to obtain regulatory approval for the deal. Earlier, regulators in the EU and the UK expressed concerns about the acquisition, fearing it would harm competition and create a dominant player in the market. With the acquisition now canceled, Adobe must pay a termination fee of $1 billion to Figma.


YouTube Shorts ads

YouTube Shorts ads are being rolled out to more advertisers as the beta solution transitions to general availability. Users can now predominantly choose Short ads as a video format. This change reflects user demand, akin to what's seen with Instagram Reels and TikTok.

To check if YouTube Shorts ads are available in your YouTube account, follow these steps: Go to your YouTube Ads account and create a new campaign. Choose "Create a campaign without a goal's guidance" and select "Video." If YouTube Shorts is available in your account, you will see it listed there.


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