Chatbots: pros and cons discussed

Are you contemplating deploying a chatbot on your website but still unsure if it adds value to your business? In this article, we delve deeper into the pros and cons of chatbots. 

January 16, 2024
Marc Gutlich

What exactly is a chatbot? 

It may sound self-explanatory, but a chatbot is an automated conversational agent driven by technology. The term "chatbot" is a literal combination of "chat" and "robot." You've probably encountered them on many websites or social media channels. It serves as a communication tool to obtain answers to your queries.

What are the advantages of a chatbot?

Utilizing a chatbot comes with several benefits. We'll outline some of them here.


Chatbots are available 24/7, providing a significant advantage for users. This means that individuals can receive answers to specific questions at any time of the day. This responsiveness ensures that businesses meet the needs of their customers.


A chatbot is an approachable method of initiating contact. For those who prefer to avoid phone calls, this offers a quick and accessible way to receive answers. 


A chatbot almost always responds promptly to your visitor's queries. This reduces irritation for your visitor and enhances overall user experience. 

Insights into visitor behavior

Utilizing chatbots often provides valuable insights, such as behavioral patterns and preferences of your visitors. Leveraging this information can be relevant to address common issues, for example. 

Customer satisfaction

The chatbot facilitates personalized conversations, enhancing customer satisfaction. Moreover, it alleviates tasks for your company's employees, enabling them to focus on addressing more complex queries. 

What are the disadvantages of a chatbot?

Despite the numerous advantages of a chatbot, there are also discernible drawbacks.

Spelling errors

Made a typo? That's only natural, but not every chatbot recognizes the question you intended to ask. It's possible for the chatbot to misinterpret the question, failing to provide the desired answer, or in some cases, not providing any response at all. 


On many websites, a photo and name of an employee are often used. When you open the chat, you get the impression that you are actually conversing with a real staff member. If the responses do not align, it can disappoint customer expectations, leading to frustration. 


A chatbot doesn't comprehend jokes or emotions, sometimes resulting in an inability to provide an answer to the visitor's question. Additionally, a chatbot cannot improvise or offer creative solutions as human employees can. Therefore, it may be limited in certain situations. 


Implementing and maintaining a chatbot requires both time and money. In both instances, you need experts who understand how a chatbot operates and how to maintain the database. 


Are you considering deploying a chatbot? Contemplate the aforementioned pros and cons and conduct a data analysis to assess whether a chatbot adds value to your business. While chatbots offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency, it's crucial not to overlook their limitations.

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