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Tarkett is a carpet supplier with an eye for sustainability and respect for nature. The floors they supply (1.3 million square meters worldwide per day!) are bought by consumers looking for a high-quality floor. How do you combine inspiration, quality and conversion in one website? A nice case to bite us into!

The question

Suppose you are looking for a new floor online. Then you want to get to the best floor for you as soon as possible, with all the associated information. The figures from the old Tarkett website showed that there was still room for improvement. Tarkett's brand values in the field of innovation and sustainability were also neglected. So get started!

Our solution

The online visitors of Tarkett are primarily seeking inspiration and advice. That was the main conclusion we arrived at together with the experts from Tarkett. The purchase of a carpet or wooden floor is generally for the long term, and in such cases, individuals take their time in making decisions. 

As a brand, you only have a chance to bind the consumer to you in a relatively short period of time. Once the choice of a floor has been made, the next chance often follows years later. It is important to be as close as possible to consumer demand and to guide and convince them well when choosing a floor. The website we developed fits in perfectly with this.

The result

Tarkett's online customer journey now consists of four pillars: orienting, choosing, deciding and experiencing. All paths run from the lookbook and collection to conversion. This can be hard conversion (for example ordering floor samples), or soft conversion (referral to a Tarkett dealer). In addition, the core values of sustainability and inspiration are a full part of the website.

Because sales are made through dealers, they received a lot of attention. Each distributor has a page that he has completely under his own management. In this way he can present himself in a personal way and also contributes to his own SEO. Customers can find this page via the locator distributor. When ordering a sample, customers can specify their preferred dealer, after which this dealer will further pick up the lead. As far as we are concerned, Tarkett achieves such a very nice interaction between online and offline. Maximum service for the customer, aimed at the right floor for the longer term.

An inspiring, conversion-oriented, website that takes customers into the offer through inspiring examples and the latest trends. Because purchasing takes place in the store, the website supports a smooth movement from online to offline. Success guaranteed!

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