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Kamp Vught National Memorial
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Kamp Vught is a memorial site with museum at the location of the old SS concentration camp. A place to commemorate the past and reflect on the persecution of “ the other ”: people with a different political, ethnic, religious, sexual or social background. By keeping the stories of the past alive, a connection is made with current issues of our time.

The question

After the memorial center was renewed, we were asked to develop a website that matches this. A site in which the museum is presented in all its facets. Inviting and aimed at audiences who are looking for an interesting day out, but also at surviving relatives, students and researchers. 

Our solution

Kamp Vught is a unique location in the Netherlands. A place where you can walk around the original camp site in a wooded area. And where in the museum the story is told on the basis of testimonials and objects. We have translated that character into an accessible site, where we make extensive use of visual means in combination with storytelling. We also investigated how we can make an interactive connection between the visitor and the story of a prisoner.

The result

In the new site we respectfully tell the story of the history of camp Vught during and after the war. The design is inspired by the typography from the period. The use of color is based on the prison suit. The sloping lines are derived from the logo with the watchtower (which we also gave a small refresh) and represent the imbalance and unrest during the occupation. 

Without making it too heavy, we know how to unlock the story of Kamp Vught with an appropriate tone and good balance for a wide audience.

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