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Everything that has to do with preserving, exploiting and making South Holland heritage experience is core business of Heritage House South Holland. In this way, this foundation draws attention to the story of South Holland among the widest possible audience. Nice work, as far as we are concerned!

The question

Heritage House Zuid-Holland works with and for various partners. Managing the online landscape is also part of that. More and more new websites have been added in recent years. As a result, it was no longer always clear to visitors who the sender was and what the purpose of the websites was. It also took an unnecessary amount of effort to manage everything. A shame, because the Heritage House has so much to offer. High time for change.

Our solution

We developed a new identity for the popular website History of South Holland. We kept the stories of the various old websites: they are now part of a broader platform in which museums, estates and heritage institutions also have a place. Everything under one recognizable umbrella, so.

We gave the editors a lot of freedom to create pages, post media and furnish cards. A well thought-out style system and accompanying content formats ensure a consistent tone and look & feel. 

We prefer to work with our customers as partners. And that is certainly the case at Heritage House South Holland. For example, there are still beautiful plans on the role. Tip of the veil? Based on user research, we will add even more cool forms of media and interactivity in the future. What if that doesn't put South Holland on the map?

The result

How cool is it when you pull people out of their seats offline with an online channel? We are enthusiastic about that, at least. allows the public to discover South Holland's heritage. On the site you can read hundreds of stories written by people with a passion for history and heritage. From major topics in history, social themes to personal stories about someone's neighborhood. The website inspires with stories and helps you plan a fun outing, participate in an activity or take a nice walk in a historic environment. Put on your jacket.

Heritage House Zuid-Holland is happy with a good online interaction with its audience. And that happens with the new platform. It is the compass in the world of South Holland heritage. Whether you are looking for background stories or information about a fun day out, you will be served at your beck and call at History of South Holland. Visitor happy, customer happy, we happy!

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