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If you have a physical disability, loneliness lurks. De Zonnebloem does everything possible every day to counteract this. Together with tens of thousands of volunteers and donors, they give people an unforgettable time. Because everyone deserves to fully enjoy life. A customer with a mission that makes us enthusiastic!

The question

De Zonnebloem works for a wide target group. The activities must therefore be offered simply and clearly: easily accessible to everyone. Where people quickly find their way and become enthusiastic about the offer and use of the website. We are asked to help De Zonnebloem with a renewed online platform with exactly that as the main goal. Not only for users of the platform, but also for administrators. In addition, the central brand positioning of De Zonnebloem was allowed to be implemented more firmly in message, style, interactions and content.

The solution

How did we get started with such a beautiful challenge? Research into the needs of the target group was an important starting point for us. What can we really help them with, what do they like about an online platform and what not? De Zonnebloem serves as an example in terms of accessibility. With the input of our user research in the pocket, we were able to get started to make the platform really discoverable, available and readable for everyone. Naturally, we also paid a lot of attention to the WCAG web guidelines.

In the new house style we made the open, the human and the connecting character clear. This is in line with the culture that lives in the organization and among volunteers.

The result

We brought the wishes and requirements of the target groups that De Zonnebloem serves back to two central needs: ‘ I want to participate in society ’ and ‘ I want to help my fellow man ’. These two central needs are now at the heart of the renewed website. They are the starting point for every search question. From there people discover the range of De Zonnebloem that suits them perfectly. Simple and clear, exactly what was needed!

We are proud to be able to help De Zonnebloem on an open, human and positive platform. In this way, the beautiful things De Zonnebloem does are even more accessible to the people who benefit so much from it. Those great moments of enjoyment in life: we give it to everyone wholeheartedly.

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