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Succesful website with Umbraco

A successful website is a smoothly working website. This speed is guaranteed with Umbraco. This CMS ensures both speed and ease of use at the front and at the back. In addition, Umbraco is particularly user-friendly and flexible. This makes it suitable for many different users. With Umbraco you launch simple websites, but also multilingual country sites is no problem with this CMS. In addition, Umbraco is very safe and also search engine-friendly. For the above reasons, Umbraco serves as a CMS perfect for organizations that want to be clearly visible online!

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Elevate your online presence with Umbraco

The advantages of Umbraco in a nutshell

Umbraco uses a lot of companies in the Netherlands and abroad as CMS. They do this together with a certified partner, such as Human Digital. The great success of Umbraco is , among other things, in user-friendliness. Other benefits are:

  • The CMS is clear, easy to use and customizable according to your own wishes
  • Puzzle on multiple sites in multiple languages is a thing of the past with Umbraco
  • With the content editor the drafting of articles is so fixed
  • You can preview content before publication for all devices. This way you can have the content perfectly connected to any device
  • With grid editor you create templates that match your expression
  • In the media library you set standard formats, which saves you a lot of time
  • Umbraco works with version control and rollback which allows you to restore pages in a few clicks
  • This platform works like a magnet for search engines, it is so SEO-friendly
  • The form editor gives you all the flexibility to compile web forms

It is fast, secure, and maintenance-free.

Who wouldn't want a site that is both nice and fast? In any case, the visitors of your website do. The faster they find what they are looking for with you, the greater the chance of conversion. And that is a second big advantage of Umbraco: speed. Both at the CMS and at the website, the pace is pico bello. 

Hasty urgency is rarely good? That kite does not work at Umbraco. Website and CMS are not only nice and fast, but also very safe. The CMS is tested for vulnerabilities every six months and is also developed on Microsoft standards. That makes choosing Umbraco a bit easier.

Traditional, cloud or headless?

Umbraco comes in three variants: Umbraco, Umbraco Cloud and Umbraco Heartcore. Choose what best suits your organization.


The so-called classic. With this variant you choose where the application is hosted.  

Umbraco Cloud

The SAAS (Software as a Service) solution. Everything is arranged via the operating system Microsoft Azure, Umbraco ensures safety and updates. 

Umbraco Heartcore

The headless / comparable variant. Suitable for content management in an environment where a headless or composable is required. 

With Human Digital you aim for the best service

With your organization you are ready for your customer. Online and offline. Digital possibilities and expectations are changing at lightning speed. Human Digital helps you keep those online service levels high.

In our academy we train developers and marketers in your organization to make optimal use of Umbraco. Do you (temporarily) need extra hands? Then our Sitecore specialists are a solution. You hire an individual professional from your existing team, or you hire a complete team of specialists at your location. This way you kickstart the implementation of Umbraco and increase the success.

Do you have other questions, for example in the field of strategy, concept and user experience optimization (UX), online marketing, visual design, development or services and operation? Even then you can contact us.  

Quick start: Umbraco starter kit from Human Digital

Why reinvent the wheel over and over when we can cleverly share our knowledge? As a partner since 2012, we now know Umbraco from the inside and the outside. Your organization can get started quickly with our starter kit. The effective automatic set-up and layout of the CMS saves you time and money. Additional functionalities, such as SEO and OpenGraph, have also been thought of. This way you can easily place search engine-friendly content that you can easily share on your socials. Want to start quickly and well with Umbraco CMS? With the starter kit from Human Digital you can do it like this.

These organizations preceded you

Umbraco's clientele in the Dutch market is large and diverse. At Human Digital, we have beautiful relationships with companies such as Groene Hart Hospital, Tarkett, Koninklijke Visio, Noord Brabants Museum, and NVM.

Let's talk? 

Do you want to know more about Umbraco, or further fine-tune your digital plans? We are happy to show you how Umbraco helps your organization with the very best online service for your customers. Feel free to contact Sales Manager Marc via or  +31 85  0020 678.

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