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Carel Lurvink
Carel Lurvink
  • Team as a service
  • Sitecore Consultancy
  • Kubernetes Consultancy
Carel Lurvink has been making working environments cleaner and safer as a supplier and manufacturer of cleaning and safety products for over 125 years. The existing commerce platform was in need of renewal. Sitecore professionals from Human Digital were happy to lend their expertise to this task. They worked side by side in a team with the company's developers. On to a new, future-proof platform!

Carel Lurvink's question

There was a clear desire for a new platform and some of the necessary experience was already in house. Only Sitecore knowledge and clout were lacking. Carel Lurvink's question? To remain in charge of the project himself, preferably with as many of his own people as possible, supplemented with the necessary expertise and manpower in the field of Sitecore architecture and infrastructure. A perfect question for Human Digital, in other words!

Our solution

Human Digital added a strong team of specialists to Carel Lurvink's existing team. Team as a Service. Specialists in Sitecore architecture, development and container infrastructure based on Kubernetes, supplemented by an experienced project lead.

In this way, they worked together with the people at Carel Lurvink on a new platform. Not only that: our specialists also directly transferred knowledge during this process. This way, the people behind Carel Lurvink will soon be able to develop and maintain the platform themselves.

The results

A Sitecore development team that functions as a team of its own, with the flexibility to scale up and down in capacity quickly.

Banging together for a client's project, transferring as much knowledge as possible where we can. This makes our customers even smarter than they already were. That is what makes us happy.

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