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Choosing Kentico Xperience, why should you? Simple: it is the DXP platform to efficiently launch and manage your marketing stories and campaigns. Kentico Xperience is a fully integrated Digital Xperience Platform (DXP), or: one source for all the things you need as a marketer to be successful online.  So say goodbye to a jumble of applications and suppliers: reach or involve your followers, target group or customers even more effectively with Kentico Xperience!

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Elevate your online presence with Kentico. Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation regarding your specific needs. Through a tailored demonstration, we'll illustrate how Kentico can benefit and enhance your organization.
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Kentico Xperience: everything in one place 

Clear and clear, these are features of the Kentico Xperience dashboard. Here you will find the following tools:

Content management

With this editor you can quickly and easily develop the most beautiful and richest content. We dare to say that Kentico can perform on the tops of her in terms of user-friendliness. The editor also helps you create search engine-friendly content. Indispensable for every marketer, so.

Digital marketing

Groceries, advertisements, mails – online, the amount of information you get on your plate every day is increasing. It is important to show your target group exactly what suits them. Personalization, therefore. The great thing about Kentico Xperience is that the tool facilitates this perfectly. This means: online relevant experiences for your target group, based on visitor statistics and other data. With of course the desired conversions as a result. That is what Kentico Xperience is committed to with this tool.

Marketing automation

Well, what can you not do with marketing automation via Kentico Xperience? You set up your mailings, newsletters and automated campaigns, after which you further refine them via A / B testing. The result: you reach your target groups at just the right time and generate leads for your sales teams. This tool takes your work off your hands and streamlines the process so that marketers can fully focus on the fun sides of their job.


You are only interesting for customers if you offer something they are waiting for. If you are relevant and respond to their (latent) wishes and needs. But how do you achieve that? By getting to know and understand your target group through and through. Kentico Xperience supports this perfectly, with always up-to-date information about every visitor. This way data ensures that you know which persona your visitor belongs to, which forms convert the most and which paths the visitor goes through on your site.  With Kentico Xperience you measure and work with reliable visitor data on a message that is even more fun and relevant for your customer.

About Kentico

Need a user-friendly platform that combines content management, digital marketing and e-commerce? Then Kentico Xperience is a good solution for you. Whether you are working on simple issues or complex digital challenges: nothing is out of reach with this platform. It is not without reason that Kentico has been highly valued in the market for years and recommended by leading research agencies such as Gartner and Forrester.

With Human Digital you go for Gold

Human Digital is a proud Kentico Xperience Gold partner, this status achieved proves and shows that with our experience, knowledge and certifications we guarantee successful Kentico Xperience implementations. That makes us the right partner for your digital issues. With our specialists, we provide tailor-made, successful and safe marketing-driven online solutions based on Kentico Xperience. After going live we stay involved. In this way we ensure online impact that lasts. 

Let's talk? 

Seeing for yourself is believing. We fully understand that. Therefore, please contact us to spar on your question. With an appropriate demo we show how Kentico helps your organization with lasting online success now and in the future. 

Thanks to Kentico, our website is more relevant and personal, which ensures satisfaction for both our visitors and internal organization. The most important thing for us is time-to-market. Without the intervention of Human Digital, we respond to current events and customer needs, thanks to the design and layout of the site at the front and the management with Kentico at the back.
Sandra Helmes Strategisch Projectmanager - STL
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