Making an impact with
unique video animation

How do you bring your brand story to life? And how do you simplify complex subjects for your customers? Moreover, how do you capture attention effortlessly? A powerful way to achieve this is by using animated videos. Which animation style suits your organization best? In this article, we distinguish three of them. 

Design & branding
9 oktober 2023
Koen Hachmang

Creative scripts and dynamic animations

At Human Digital, we enjoy collaborating with like-minded partners who share the same dedication to creativity and innovation. One of our valued collaborators helping us enhance the digital world is Jagthund – a creative pack of storytellers, illustrators, and animators based in Den Bosch.

Jagthund's goal is to make an impact with creative scripts, unique visuals, and dynamic animations. ''Whatever your organization's message is, we collaborate to determine the ideal animation style that suits your organization and audience.'' Subsequently, we delve into creating videos: an Explainer Animation, Brand Story Animation, or a Social Animation.

Which animation suits your organization?

1. Explainer animations

Explainer animations are the perfect solution to vividly present complex information. We transform intricate subject matter into a concise script. With the right visuals and animation, your organization's message becomes crystal clear. 

2. Brand story animations

Brand Story animations bring your brand story to life with unique visuals and immersive storytelling. With animation, it's possible to create a compelling brand experience that has a significant impact. 

3. Social animation

With Social animations, you create an unforgettable digital experience of your brand on social media. From short commercials to campaigns, your unique animations stand out on your customer's timeline. Capture attention with social animations, enhance your profile, or even reach a new audience. 

Human Digital & Jagthund

When we identify that an animation video can be a valuable addition to a branding project for an organization, we present this to the client. Subsequently, we discuss it together, exploring the most suitable animation that aligns with the (renewed) branding, and then we get to work! 

Branding project with 365Zon

For 365Zon, Human Digital initiated a branding project, thoroughly examining the entire corporate identity. The website, featuring a 'roof scan' as the primary call to action, was also part of the overhaul. To explain the working method of 365Zon to the target audience in the simplest way possible, Jagthund created the video animation below. 365Zon in a nutshell. 

No matter what your organization's message is, we collaborate to determine the ideal animation style that suits your organization and audience.
Roel Kolsteren Co-founder Jagthund

Want to have an animated video made too?

Moving content grabs attention and provides the perfect eye-candy to give your brand a creative boost. Curious if an animated video is right for your organization? Contact Marc at or 085 - 0020 678

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