6x the power of video content

Never before have we been so inundated with messages online. Being relevant to your target audiences is the key. However, to achieve that, you first need to be seen. This is where video content comes into play. Why is that? A picture is worth a thousand words, and this holds even truer for moving images. Here are 6 ways video content can empower you to achieve your goals.

Digital marketing Content
3 January 2024
Nila Ooms

1) Video content boosts your conversion

Relevant video content on a landing page leads to an impressive 86% increase in conversion rates - Hubspot

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, we emphasized the captivating nature of videos. While people may lose interest quickly when faced with text, videos engage the viewer, ensuring visibility and allowing you to convey brand identity to your target audience. Additionally, reading requires more energy than watching. Your brain exerts more effort to process text compared to viewing a video. 

The advantage of video lies in its ability to communicate what your brand stands for in a short time, such as within 3 minutes. Achieving the same impact with text in such a brief period is nearly impossible. 

In summary, when a potential customer visits your website, they are likely to linger longer when exposed to video content. This is because individuals are better equipped to make informed decisions about your brand and services through video, translating to an increased likelihood of a purchase, subscription, or other desirable actions, ultimately leading to a higher conversion rate.

2) Video content enhances your brand or organization's visibility (SEO)

91% of marketeres state that video contributes to an increase in traffic on their website - Wyzowl

Search engines like Google favor videos because they recognize that videos lead to higher user engagement. Elevated user engagement, in turn, improves metrics such as time on site and click-through rates, crucial for SEO scores. This is evident on the search results page, where a mix of content types, including videos, is typically found on all result pages. 

Visibility is also impacted by another factor. A compelling video or a clear, catchy animation is more likely to be shared on social media. This generates additional backlinks to your website, contributing positively to your SEO score. A win-win situation!

3) Animation showcases your products and services in a unique way 

96% of people turn to videos to learn more about a product or service - Wyzowl

How can you ensure your product or service resonates with your target audience? Video content, particularly animations, is the perfect solutino. Many brands use animatinos to convey their message, differentiate their brand, and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. 

Why animation?

These types of videos simplify complex subjects in a creative way. Whether explaining intricate technological processes, complicated financial concepts, or detailed product features, animation transforms challenging topics into easily digestible, clear, and engaging content. 

There's another advantage. Animation videos are unique. They are tailor-made for your organization and your story, offering a significant way to stand out from competitors. 

Looking for a quality animation video? We are here to assist. In collaboration with Jagthund | Animatiestudio we provide customized animation videos for your brand, suitable for various purposes. 

4) Video reaches a broad audience

14,9% of millennials watch ten to 12 hours of online video per week - Statista

From young children to seniors, from tech enthusiasts to those with less technical knowledge, videos are an accessible and appealing medium for everyone. This eliminates language barriers, cultural differences, and individual preferences, making video an excellent tool for conveying your brand message to the right audience.

And it gets even better. Video is incredibly versatile. You can tailor the content perfectly to the interests and preferences of various target groups. Consider short and quick clips for social media and longer, more in-depth product demos for the website. With videos, you capture attention for your message, brand, and oganization across different demographics and stages of the customer journey.

5) Easily viewable on the go

More than 90% of all video views occur on mobile devices - Techjury

Who doesn't engage in a bit of social media checking on the train, scrolling through a website during a break, or online shopping on the couch at night via a mobile device? Fortunately, nowadays, (almost) all online video content is optimized for mobile display. You can effectively reach all those mobile users seeking information about products and services on the go through video content, resulting in improved brand visibility and higher conversions. 

Most mobile users on the move seek quick, clear information. With informative and visually appealing videos about your products or services, you deliver immediate value to these potential customers.

Example video

Share customer testimonials, highlight specific product features, or demonstrate products. This way, users can quickly make a purchase decision at any time, whether on the go, in the supermarket line, or during a short break. 

6) Videos offer a high ROI 

92% of people believe that video is a good investment - Wyzowl

Okay, let's take a moment to reflect. We've already seen that video content can increase the conversion rate because viewers feel more engaged with what they see. Sounds good, but do these videos actually pay for themselves? Of course, creating a film or animation does come with a cost.

True. In the past, video production was complex and expensive due to the need for specific equipment and technical expertise. Cheers to technological progress. Thanks to the tools available today, creating video content is suddenly widely accessible and user-friendly.

Affordable, quick video in no time

There are numerous software applications, online platforms, and mobile apps that allow you to create professionally looking videos quickly and at minimal costs. The ROI of video content - given all the benefits it brings - is therefore high.


If you want to grab your target audience by the hand and never let go, video content is the way to go. You captivate and engage your audience, provide information in an approachable way, and ensure that everyone has access to precisely the content that fits their stage in the customer journey. In short, videos and animations are indispensable when you want your brand to have a lasting impact. From increased engagement and conversion to improved brand awareness and recall, videos offer a high ROI for organizations of every size. 

Need assistance?

If you need help with implementing video content or aligning yor marketing strategy, feel free to contact Marc and send an email to marc.gutlich@humandigital.nl or fill in the form below. 

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