Sitecore XM Cloud roles:
marketer and developer

Sitecore is a market leader in hybrid headless CMS systems. It's no surprise that the number of users in our country is significant. Two roles stand out particularly in Sitecore XM Cloud: the marketer and the developer. 

October 3, 2023
Marc Gutlich

Sitecore XM Cloud digital platform

Are you looking for a digital platform that helps you deliver the very best online experience for your customers? Then Sitecore XM Cloud is the solution. It's the digital equivalent of a Swiss army knife that every marketer wants in their pocket: it brings relevant customer data, real-time visitor statistics, and a convenient 360-degree customer view within easy reach. The platform is flexible, ensuring all your tools are in one place. You don't need to be a marketing automation expert; with Sitecore XM Cloud, every marketer can create optimal marketing automation workflows. It's a breeze, but always up to the highest standards, so you can consistently offer the very best to your customers. 

Sitecore XM Cloud is the platform for marketers because:

  • It allows intuitive and fast content publishing
  • It enables smart (re)use of content across multiple channels
  • It offers flexibility in building pages
  • It helps optimize the customer journey, increasing conversion rates
  • It provides access to data, marketing automation, persona development, A/B testing, and personalization all from one console

Sitecore XM Cloud is the platform for developers because:

  • It future-proofs martech stacks with innovative technologies
  • It facilitates the development of strategies for CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment)
  • It supports the development team with their preferred tech stack
  • This headless CMS integrates perfectly with a MACH architecture (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless)
  • This platform is supported by Azure

Even more benefits, thanks to Sitecore XM Cloud software:

  • It's easy to scale, whether you're publishing multiple sites or running different campaigns
  • Upgrading is a thing of the past
  • It elevates personalized user experiences to a higher level thanks to its performance

Interested in exploring Sitecore further?

We are happy to answer your questions about Sitecore, Sitecore Composable, development, and digital marketing. Feel free to contact Sales Manager Marc Gutlich via or +31 6 14 80 80 60

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