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Executing software development projects quickly and efficiently is crucial for many companies in today's ever-changing society. However, how does one approach this challenge? Establishing and managing an in-house development team is often complex and costly. Therefore, at Human Digital, we have devised a simple yet unique solution: Team as a Service (TaaS). Curious about this new service? In this article, you'll discover everything about the importance, methodology, and benefits of our TaaS offering.

What is Teams as a Service (TaaS)?

Simply put, it means having a custom-assembled team of highly skilled, specialized IT professionals at your disposal, conveniently located wherever suits you best. Once the project is completed, the collaboration with this team also comes to an end. 

Why choose TaaS?

Let's not beat around the bush: finding skilled and highly educated IT personnel is challenging for many companies. There's high demand in the market for these professionals, leading to significant costs associated with hiring them. Once hired, you also need to train and retain them, which can be a complex and costly endeavor.

By opting for a Team as a Service approach, you save your organization from these costs and headaches. This service allows you to have a tailor-made team available for each project or specific requirement, perfectly aligned with the ever-changing needs of your organization. The on-location presence of TaaS at our clients ensures close collaboration, effective communication, swift decision-making, resulting in high efficiency and optimal outcomes. With Team as a Service, you choose convenience while elevating the quality of IT development. Why choose Team as a Service? We'd certainly know why.

Why choose TaaS?

  • Save costs and headaches
  • Custom-assembled team for each project
  • On-location work
  • Close collaboration, effective communication, and swift decision-making
  • High efficiency and optimal outcomes
  • Convenience while enhancing the quality of IT development

How does TaaS work? 

Human Digital closely collaborates with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. Based on this understanding, we assemble a custom-made development team that fits the size and complexity of the project.

The team comprises experienced developers, designers, testers, scrum masters, and project managers with the right skills and expertise. Subsequently, the team goes to the client's location to work onsite, fully integrating into the client's organizational culture and practices. Once the project is satisfactorily completed, the collaboration ends. Of course, we establish the key agreements about this beforehand.

The flexibility of TaaS summarized


Tailored team composition to meet specific project needs. 

Direct integration

Onsite presence, fully embedded in the client's organization. 

Customized expertise

Experts with the right skills and experience


Avoids the long-term costs of hiring and training permanent staff. 


Quick deployment and decision-making, leading to optimal results. 

With TaaS, you save costs and headaches for the organization. This service ensures that for each project, you have access to a custom-built team that precisely meets the evolving needs of your organization.
Martijn van der Put Director Professionals


With Team as a Service from Human Digital, you get a custom-built software development team that works at your organization's location. This arrangement is particularly beneficial due to the flexibility, expertise, efficiency, and cost savings it brings. Your organization gains the space to focus on core activities while benefiting from the high-quality development capabilities of a dedicated team of professionals. Partnering with Human Digital ensures successful software projects tailored to your specific needs, helping you achieve organizational objectives. 

What challenge are you facing?

Curious if Teams as a Service could be a solution for your organization? We're here to brainstorm and assist you further. Contact Martijn van der Put at +31 6 17 40 82 40 or fill out the form below. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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