Thanks to Sharon
everything is running smoothly

Sharon, our Office Manager, has been ensuring optimal operations here in the office. She chose Human Digital for its relaxed atmosphere, based on trust, and the ample space for humor and casual conversations 

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6 juni 2023
Nila Ooms

Sharon's first impression of Human Digital?

"Lovely people and a relaxed atmosphere! I feel so welcome. Everyone can be themselves here; work is based on trust, and there's plenty of room for humor and casual conversations. This became evident during my job interview: the openness and pleasant atmosphere made it feel more like sitting with friends at a table. "

"I prefer to be that silent force that quietly ensures everything runs smoothly, allowing everyone to do their work in a pleasant office with a good cup of coffee and a delicious lunch. Oh, and let's not forget the sausage rolls, of course!"
Sharon van Bijsterveld Office Manager

What are Sharon's dreams?

"With a busy family, weekends are always filled with activities. We love being at home, but we also really enjoy going on vacation. I love good food and am a true animal lover. I dream of a small authentic farm... in a beautiful green spot along the Maas, with enough space for chickens, goats, and pigs. And maybe a donkey. And an alpaca... If it were up to me, that dream will definitely come true one day!" 

Interested in working at Human Digital? 

Check out our open positions or reach out to Wesley right away! You can contact him at 085 - 00 20 678 or" 
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