ECNP chooses Human Digital and Flevoziekenhuis continues collaboration

Samenwerken Human Digital.

Since November, we have gained a new collaboration! ECNP has chosen to partner with Human Digital, and Flevoziekenhuis is pleased to continue the collaboration. We will be working on the development of their online environments for both organizations.

Human Digital
15 november 2023
Marc Gutlich

1. Flevoziekenhuis

Flevoziekenhuis has entrusted Human Digital with the follow-up assignment to commence the realization of a new online environment. This involves serving various target groups such as patients, visitors, referrers/healthcare professionals, and job seekers optimally, thanks to an organized approach. After the website's launch, we will continue to explore possibilities and developments with Flevoziekenhuis as a strategic partner for corporate digital channels. 

Why a new online environment?

While Flevoziekenhuis already had an online environment, it no longer aligned with the browsing behavior and accessibility that today's target audiences are accustomed to. The existing site focused too much on providing information and lacked intuitiveness. Additionally, the site was based on a CMS system that lacked the desired flexibility to adapt the site based on visitor data. Time for a renewal! 

Choice for SaaS Cloud Solution

Therefore, at Human Digital, we will be redesigning the corporate website. This primarily involves a technical rebuild on Umbraco Cloud, a robust open-source content management system. This means that Flevoziekenhuis has opted for a Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud solution that fully meets all requirements and preferences.


ECNP is an independent scientific association that focuses on the science and treatment of brain disorders. ECNP aims to translate advances in understanding brain function and behavior into better treatments, thus promoting public health. After a careful selection process among agencies, ECNP chose us as a people-first agency to collaborate with. We will be working on the development of a new online environment.  

Annual ECNP Congress

To achieve the above objectives, they organize a wide range of activities, programs, and events throughout Europe. The annual ECNP Congress is attended by more than 5,000 psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, and neuroscientists from around the world. As part of its mission to promote high-quality research in the field of neuropsychopharmacology and related disciplines in Europe, ECNP offers awards and grants. 

ECNP is a dynamic organization where the current website did not adequately support its goals. Human Digital will embark on a strategic and creative preliminary phase in the coming period, laying the groundwork for a new online environment and corporate websites for ECNP. 

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