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Kentico Development
October 24, 2022
Martijn van der Put

As a Kentico Xperience partner, we at Human Digital closely monitor all updates (Refreshes). Each quarter, Kentico releases a new update to address various issues for you as a user. In early October 2022, Refresh 7 was released.

Key issues addressed in Refresh 7

Feedback from Kentico Xperience users on previous versions highlighted several key issues:

  • Media library navigation

    • Problem: In an extensive media library with multiple libraries and (sub)folders, finding the correct image is difficult and time-consuming.
    • Solution: The latest refresh includes improved search and navigation features within the media library, making it easier to locate specific images quickly.
  • Widget management

    • Problem: Managing widgets with a fixed set of fields that sometimes need to be filled in by the content editor and sometimes do not, causes confusion and is user-unfriendly.
    • Solution: Enhancements in widget management provide clearer guidelines and more intuitive options for content editors, reducing confusion and improving usability.
  • Data integration for marketing reports

    • Problem: As a marketer, you want to use data from one of your important sources—your website—for analytical reports in Google Data Studio.
    • Solution: New integrations allow seamless data transfer from your Kentico Xperience platform to Google Data Studio, enabling comprehensive and accurate marketing reports.

Staying updated with Refresh 7

If your Kentico Xperience platform is not yet updated to Refresh version 7, you are not maximizing its potential and are missing out on crucial security updates.

Fortunately, at Human Digital, as an experienced Kentico Xperience partner, we have the knowledge and expertise to keep your platform always up-to-date. This ensures you can immediately leverage the latest improvements and features.

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