Front-end developer Marco:
pure passion for web design

Marco, a recent 2022 graduate from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in Communication and Multimedia Design, is a valuable addition to our team. With a fresh perspective and a pure passion for designing and developing websites, he is eager to make his mark on the digital world. 

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October 17, 2023
Nila Ooms

Determined and full of energy

Sporty? Well, let's start with the fact that Marco begins his day on the right foot. He bikes all the way from his hometown Tilburg to Human Digital in Den Bosch. Whew. We call that dedication! His athleticism isn't limited to the bike path; he brings the same determination and energy to his work as a front-end developer. 

UX, design and front-end 

Marco has already built an impressive and varied portfolio of small projects and internships, where he has particularly excelled in the areas of UX, design, and front-end development. "This is my first real job in the industry. Apart from some small projects alongside my studies and internships, where I primarily worked with UX, design, and front-end."

Beyond the world of code and design

Marco cherishes a deep love for the tranquility of nature. He enjoys immersing himself in the serene beauty of the Swiss Alps during the summer months, which undoubtedly provides him with the inspiration he needs for his creative work. 

I am very excited about my start at Human Digital. With great curiosity, I look forward to my future projects!
Marco Fijan Front-end developer

There's more...

In addition to his love for Switzerland, Marco has a fascination with gemstones and minerals. He also enjoys video games with captivating stories, good old movie nights, thrilling board games, and the occasional visit to an exciting amusement park. And let's not forget, he's absolutely crazy about animals. So, if there's an office dog around, Marco will be the first one ready for cuddles. 

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