Instagram Threads:
pros and cons

Suddenly, there was Instagram Threads. A communication platform where you can share your opinion, thoughts, or ideas in up to 500 characters. It feels like a copy of the well-known X, but is it really? What are the pros and cons of Threads, and how can organizations use it? We took a closer look. 

January 30, 2024
Nila Ooms

Instagram Threads: what is it?

Instagram Threads is a dedicated messaging app developed by Instagram. The app aims to enable users to have more intimate and direct communication with their most engaged followers on Instagram. Threads focuses on sharing moments, updates, and statuses with a select group of people, creating a more personal connection.

So yes, it does resemble X. And with the integration with Instagram, your Threads profile is just a click away, making the transition seamless.


  • Direct customer interaction
  • Sharing exclusive content
  • Quick updates and news
  • Automatic status updates

Direct customer interaction

With Instagram Threads, organizations can directly communicate with customers and other stakeholders, fostering a more personal online relationship and making customers feel valued and engaged. 

Sharing exclusive content

Threads allows you to share exclusive content with your most engaged followers, such as sneak peeks of new products, behind-the-scenes footage, or special offers. Sharing with a limited audience creates a sense of exclusivity. 

Quick updates and news

With the quick access to the camera in Threads, organizations can rapidly share updates with their audience. This is particularly useful for immediate news, announcements, or event information. 

Automatic status updates

Organizations can use automatic status updates to keep their audience informed about relevant activities, such as pop-up store locations, event participation, (online) training sessions, or ongoing projects. 


  • Limited audience
  • Privacy considerations
  • Similar to Instagram Direct (DM)

Limited Audience

Instagram Threads is currently less known as a platform, which means not all customers or followers may use the Threads app. As an organization, you need to consider how and if you can integrate the app into your communication strategy. 

Privacy considerations

While Threads emphasizes privacy, organizations must be cautious about sharing sensitive information. Balancing transparency with privacy protection is crucial. 

Similar to Instagram Direct (DM)

Some users feel Threads overlaps too much with Instagram's existing direct messaging feature, which can be confusing and may result in duplicated communication efforts. 


Whether Instagram Threads is a valuable addition depends on the type of organization. Threads allows for a more direct, personal connection with your audience, potentially increasing engagement and loyalty. However, it also has drawbacks, such as a limited audience and potential privacy concerns.

Given the significant criticism of social media platform X, the transition to Threads might be quicker than expected. Are you going to start using Threads after reading this article? Let us know!

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