Human Digital is Certified Partner
of Commercetools

We are pleased to announce that we have recently become an officially Certified Partner of Commercetools, a composable e-commerce software that forms the core of online sales success. With Commercetools, it is possible to assemble a custom tech stack to leverage powerful e-commerce platforms. Built on the MACH architecture, Commercetools offers maximum flexibility, extensibility, and scalability, enabling rapid time-to-market. As a Certified Partner, we will provide our clients with high-quality, customized, and future-proof e-commerce platforms that drive online sales growth.

Human Digital Development
8 mei 2024
Laura Wientjes

As a full-service agency, we have teamed up with Commercetools to assist businesses in implementing and scaling their e-commerce platforms. We are already working on an initial implementation of a Composable Commerce Stack of which Commercetools is a part. Our entry into the Commercetools Partner Program means that we can deliver a complete e-commerce solution, combining the power of rapidly deployable and modular cloud software with the support and expertise of our staff. Together, we foster growth in digital commerce activities by creating unique and engaging customer experiences and delivering maximum value. Commercetools provides the right technical answer to the e-commerce needs of many businesses by offering distinctive customer experiences and creating maximum value. 

''The collaboration with our first project leaves us eager for more opportunities to work with Commercetools on new commerce projects and help organizations achieve their omnichannel commerce objectives.''
Martijn van der Put Director professionals

About Commercetools

Commercetools offers a genuine Cloud commerce platform that helps organizations create brand value. The agile, component-based architecture of Commercetools enhances profitability by significantly reducing the development time and resources needed to transition to modern commerce technology. With customers worldwide, including renowned brands such as Carhartt WIP, Cimpress, and Yamaha, Commercetools has been driving businesses digital commerce activities since its founding in 2006.


Interested in learning more and discovering if Commercetools is the right fit for your organization? Feel free to contact Marc at 085 - 0020 678 of

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