Human Digital appointed as
Kentico Gold partner

Recently, we have been officially appointed as Xperience Gold Partner of the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Kentico. In addition to being proud of this highest distinction, it entails even more exclusive partner benefits. 

Digital marketing Kentico Development
May 24, 2023
Martijn van der Put

Kentico Xperience: A versatile platform

Kentico Xperience extends beyond mere website management. With Kentico Xperience, you have a comprehensive platform that includes out-of-the-box capabilities for marketing automation, e-commerce, personalization, and profiling. This enables you to establish a powerful online presence and effectively reach your audiences, regardless of the digital channels they use. Additionally, managing your platform or website with Kentico is straightforward. With drag-and-drop functionality and easy-to-use page management tools, you can design your own pages effortlessly. Kentico truly exemplifies a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for establishing a winning omnichannel presence and digital identity.

Human Digital as a Kentico Partner

At Human Digital, we have been a Kentico Partner for many years and possess extensive experience in implementing platforms on Kentico. Our developers and consultants handle platform implementation and configuration, while our trainers ensure you and your colleagues maximize its usage. This way, we not only showcase Kentico's capabilities but also ensure you derive maximum return-on-investment from your online platform. Recently, we have achieved Gold Partner status, and we are immensely proud of this highest distinction. 

Over the past 3 years, we have built a partnership with Human Digital, culminating recently in their esteemed recognition as a Gold Partner within our Partner Network. They have demonstrated success in a challenging market by applying their expertise in Online Marketing, Strategy, and Development to their Kentico clients. Their achievements include bringing in new Kentico relationships, training employees, and maintaining a keen interest in our product's latest developments. We take pride in collaborating with Human Digital and achieving mutual success together.
Filip de Cock Channel Sales Manager Kentico Western Europe

Additional benefits as a Gold Partner

As a Gold Partner of Kentico, we enjoy a close collaboration with Kentico in sharing and expanding knowledge, access to 24/7 priority support services, and marketing-related activities. With these direct lines and access to Kentico's premium services, we enhance our ability to assist our clients even more effectively with their Kentico platforms. 

Previous experiences
In 2022, we achieved the Kentico Site of the Month award twice, in collaboration with Sectorinstituut Transport and our own website.

Curious if Kentico is right for your organization?

Interested in exploring whether Kentico as a DXP could benefit your organization? Give Marc a call; he's eager to brainstorm with you. 

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