Google Structured Data
for job postings

Enhance the discoverability of your job listings with Google Jobs

Launched in the Netherlands in August 2020, Google Jobs marks a new chapter for Google. This new platform aims to make job postings easily and quickly searchable. The job listings appear separately in search results, allowing users to navigate directly to job openings that match their interests.

What is Google Jobs?

Google's mission is "to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful," a goal they have certainly achieved. With Google Jobs, Google has made a significant move into the recruitment industry and job search arena. Similar to the introduction of Google Shopping a few years ago, Google now displays job listings in its own way within the search engine. These job postings are more prominently visible in search results, making them stand out more effectively. In short, for your digital recruitment needs, you want your job postings to be discoverable through this platform. 

Voorbeeld Google Jobs zoekresultaten

Leverage Google Jobs for your benefit

You may notice that your organization’s job postings are already discoverable through Google Jobs. This is possible because many job aggregation platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, or have already implemented this feature. Consequently, your job postings might already be accessible via Google Jobs.

However, when candidates click on the job posting, they are directed to the aggregation platform rather than your website. To make Google Jobs work for you and your organization, we recommend implementing Google Structured Data on your own website. This relatively simple implementation allows Google to directly read job postings from your site. As a result, candidates are directed to your website when they show interest, bypassing larger platforms. This way, you maintain better control over the process and reduce barriers to application.

Steps to optimize for Google Jobs

To simplify the process (which we favor), here are some tips for leveraging Google Jobs:

  • Implement Google Structured Data on your job listing pages. We recommend making this implementation as comprehensive as possible by including as many fields as you can.
  • Test your job listing pages thoroughly after implementation. Google provides a special tool that allows you to see exactly how your information is read by Google.
  • Ensure you have a sitemap XML in Google Search Console. This keeps Google updated with all your pages, including job listings that can be found on your website.
  • Write a compelling introduction for your job postings. This introduction is what Google shows on the initial click, providing your first chance to engage someone.

Digital recruitment is more than just job listings

To attract new employees online, you must go beyond simply posting job vacancies. By focusing on your employer brand, you position yourself as an attractive employer. Show what you do for your employees, highlight the positive aspects of working for you, how staff can develop, and ensure that the employment conditions are well organized.

Contact us

We are happy to help you build a strong employer brand for your organization! Additionally, feel free to contact us regarding the implementation of Google Structured Data and the functionality of Google Jobs. 

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