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september 2023

Monthly, our colleagues at Human Digital keep you updated on the latest digital insights and developments. This time, Google takes center stage in combination with artificial intelligence (AI). 

September 1, 2023
Marc Gutlich

TikTok enters UK e-commerce

TikTok recently introduced 'TikTok Shop' in the United Kingdom. TikTok Shop is an innovative new shopping feature that allows sellers, brands, and creators to showcase and sell products directly on TikTok. This can be done through in-feed videos, LIVE sessions, and the 'Product Showcase' tab. Additionally, products on TikTok Shop can be managed in the 'Seller Center', covering inventory, orders, promotions, partnerships with creators, and customer service. When will the Netherlands follow suit? 

Source: TikTok

Google reduces the number of FAQ results

To provide a more organized and consistent search experience, Google is changing the way featured results are displayed in search results. Specifically, they are reducing the visibility of extended FAQ results and limiting extended 'How-To' results to desktop. These changes primarily affect site owners using structured FAQ and How-To data. You do not need to remove this data, but it will no longer be used by Google. 

Source: Google

Gingerbread: breakthrough inr ealistic 3D modeling

A transformation in the creative process: Adobe recently unveiled an AI image generator called 'Gingerbread'. Gingerbread combines 3D modeling and synthetic image generation to create realistic images. The result is truly stunning! With Gingerbread, users can seamlessly integrate 3D models, adjust angles and perspectives, and generate custom visual elements, which is groundbreaking.

Source: Youtube

Google is working on cloudbased IDE with its own GitHub copilot competitor, Codey

Google is developing its own IDE that operates through a web browser. In the IDE, developers can generate code using AI with 'Codey'. Codey is an artificial intelligence model similar to GitHub's CoPilot. Google refers to the project in the announcement as IDX, but the product itself does not yet exist. It is not known when the alpha version will be available for testing.

Source: Google en Tweakers

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