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We are pleased to announce our partnership with uMarketingSuite, leveraging this software in combination with Umbraco. This pairing is ideal, as Umbraco and uMarketingSuite integrate seamlessly, enabling us to provide digital solutions supported by a comprehensive marketing toolset. 

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June 21, 2024
Marc Gutlich

This extensive marketing toolset from uMarketingSuite allows us to:

  • Apply personalization
  • Analyze visitor data
  • Optimize campaigns through A/B testing

Today, 71% of online visitors expect personalized interactions, and 76% become frustrated when this expectation is not met. uMarketingSuite offers the solution to meet these expectations. It ensures optimal visitor flow management, increased conversions, and efficient use of your marketing budget. The integration saves time and management costs by combining strengths instead of using disparate tools.

What challenges do you face?

We invite you to get acquainted and discuss whether uMarketingSuite fits your digital ambitions. We are ready to advise and assist you in optimizing and utilizing the powerful combination of Umbraco and uMarketingSuite.

Specifically developed for Umbraco

uMarketingSuite is fully integrated with the open-source CMS Umbraco, the number one CMS in the Dutch market with which we execute many of our projects. An intuitive and secure system, it is expanded into a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with uMarketingSuite.

At uMarketingSuite, we are thrilled about the collaboration with Human Digital. uMarketingSuite is designed for partners like Human Digital, enabling them to provide optimal marketing solutions to their clients. This includes creating visitor insights, conducting A/B tests, and personalizing content to boost conversions across various channels.
Tom van Gessel Director Product Development at uMarketingSuite

Contact us directly to explore the possibilities.

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