Collaboration with
NDSM Pharmacy

Digital marketing
16 January 2024
Marc Gutlich

The organization NDSM Pharmacy engages in the online sale of medications, catering to both national and international markets. Additionally, they provide fulfillment services for other online medicine providers. In addition to their online presence, NDSM operates from five physical locations. The organization has ambitious plans for the coming years in the realms of online sales and third-party partnerships.

During the past summer, NDSM initiated the selection process for a new, flexible, and scalable commerce platform to realize these ambitions. In this pursuit, they sought the expertise of a digital agency to support the NDSM commerce team. 

Composable commerce platform 'Commercetools'

Following several in-depth sessions, Human Digital, in collaboration with NDSM, has developed a proposal. Based on the composable commerce platform 'Commercetools', we will implement a new e-commerce platform enriched with components such as Algolia Search and Sanity CMS. The composable configuration ensures a flexible digital ecosystem, allowing NDSM Pharmacy to launch its digital environment and subsequently expand it based on the needs of its partner network and internal organization.

Human Digital is delighted with this opportunity, where our knowledge and experience in complex commerce projects find a meaningful continuation.

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