Human Digital joins forces with Bynder as a Certified Partner

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21 februari 2023
Ruud van Falier

At Human Digital, we are always exploring better ways to support our clients and provide them with the best possible tools and services. 

Bynder Certified Partner

Therefore, we are proud to announce that Human Digital has been selected as a Bynder Certified Partner. Bynder is one of the leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms, and Human Digital is now part of the Bynder Partner Program.

This collaboration will assist us in better supporting our clients who are seeking centralization of storage and management for their digital assets.

What is Bynder Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Bynder's Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform is a cloud-based solution that provides businesses with a secure, fast, and efficient way to store and manage their digital assets.

It is the trusted solution for brands like Coolblue, FIFA, KLM, Scotch & Soda, Five Guys, and more than 3,700 other customers worldwide.

Bynder's DAM solution empowers users to easily convert, search, share, and collaborate on digital assets. It also allows users to store and organize all their images, videos, and documents in one central location, ensuring a single source of truth for all digital assets.

DAM taxonomy

By defining a DAM taxonomy, every item in your media library can be classified. This allows you to precisely locate the asset you need from a library that may contain hundreds of thousands of assets.

Bynder's unique Dynamic Asset Transformation enables you to apply transformations and filters directly without the need for external tools.

With its user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, and a vast array of available integrations, Bynder's DAM solution is the perfect tool for companies looking to streamline their digital asset management process.

How Human Digital can assist you with Bynder?

As a Bynder Certified Partner, Human Digital is now equipped to offer its clients the Bynder DAM solution and all related services. Our team of experts is ready to help you make the most of Bynder's DAM solution. We collaborate with teams to establish a DAM taxonomy, apply brand elements to the portal, configure single sign-on, and provide user training on DAM usage.

If you are transitioning from a previous DAM solution, we can assist in automating the migration of your assets to Bynder. Last but not least, we have extensive experience integrating Bynder DAM with other systems such as Sitecore or any other type of CMS, PIM, or marketing automation systems.

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