Back-end developer Rik:
code artist and adventurer

Rik Beekmans, our new Back-end Developer, is not only skilled with code but also a true adventurer. In just one year, he cycled from the Netherlands to South Africa with only a bicycle, some clothing, and a tent. Unfazed by wildlife, he was curious about everything he encountered along the way. In addition to his fascinating stories, Rik brings relevant developer experience to the table.

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September 26, 2023
Nila Ooms

From marketing automation to back-end brilliance

With years of back-end experience and a passion for adventure, Rik Beekmans joins the Human Digital team. "I'm here to strengthen the development team. I have over 3 years of experience in the same role at a marketing automation company. It's fantastic to apply my knowledge and skills here at Human Digital."

According to Rik, he already feels right at home here. "My start here has been excellent. The team is supportive, and there's a relaxed atmosphere. I'm looking forward to contributing to projects and growing with this team."

Alllll the way to Cape Town: on a bike

If you're looking for Rik outside the office, chances are you'll find him with his faithful companion: his bike. "When the weather cooperates, I enjoy hopping on my bike. And if a vacation spot is within cycling distance, I turn it into a cycling adventure," he laughs. "It all escalated a bit in 2018 when I solo cycled to Cape Town." Say what, Rik? And how long did that take? "Yes, perhaps a bit naive, but it was one grand adventure that took me a year." Of course, we asked him about his most memorable experiences during that journey. "One was hearing lion sounds from my tent in Uganda, or when a 2-meter ostrich suddenly jumped in front of my bike in Tanzania." 

My start here has been excellent. The team is supportive, and there's a relaxed atmosphere. I'm looking forward to contributing to the projects and growing together with this team!
Rik Beekmans Back-end developer

Tilburg as home base

Although Rik currently calls Tilburg his home base, he originally hails from the beautiful city of Nijmegen. "I recently took the big step of moving in with my girlfriend in Tilburg, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the new environment," he shares. "But my heart also lies elsewhere, especially in nature and the kitchen." 

Bringing a breath of fresh air to our office

His passion for back-end development and love for adventure will undoubtedly bring a breath of fresh air to our office. Together, we aim for more exciting projects and perhaps even a few unforgettable cycling adventures in the future ;-). 

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