Hire a full-stack developer?

At Human Digital, you'll find the Full-stack developer you need.

Always the right developer

At Human Digital, people come first. So do our professionals, and you notice that as a client. Our Full-stack developers are experienced professionals with a lot of experience in the realisation of complex digital platforms.

As Human Digital has a broad network of professionals, we always know how to find the right developer for your project. We supervise the introduction for a perfect fit between our developer(s) and your organisation.

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Why choose Human Digital

At Human Digital, we have +10 years of experience in providing interim professionals and +20 years of experience in Full-stack development. We are a full service agency that educates, trains and coaches our Full-stack developers ourselves, ensuring you as a client the best quality. 

As a result, we are proud to work with a fine group of beautiful brands and clients.  With them, we have been involved in hiring Full-stack developers for years.

What does a fullstack developer do?

A fullstack developer has knowledge of both front-end development and backend development. Our fullstack developers have knowledge of Microsoft .NET and .NET Core for the backend, possibly supplemented with knowledge of Digital Experience Platforms such as Kentico, Sitecore or Umbraco. For front-end development, our fullstack developers obviously have knowledge of HTML, CSS, SASS and Javascript, supplemented by various frameworks such as React, Vue, NextJs or Angular. Thanks to the combination of back-end and front-end knowledge, our fullstack developers can be deployed widely within a development team. They can work independently or as part of an existing team.

Hire a Full-stack developer?

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Who we work for

ABN Amro
Van Lanschot Kempen
BMW Financial Services
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