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If you are considering e-commerce software, there are numerous providers with their own product vision, technology and partner network, which match their target groups and ambitions. 

Whether you have been working on your e-commerce environment for years or are at the beginning of your first steps in offering online sales via software tools, it's not a bad idea to shine your light on Commercetools

There are so many providers of e-commerce software that you literally no longer see the forest through the trees. This can help you understand why Commercetools may be an interesting solution. Especially if your current set-up is no longer flexible and can no longer meet the wishes and requirements of both your internal and external organization. Commercetools is also one of the platforms that must be on your shortlist when setting up or migrating to a completely new environment.

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Modulair Commerce platform

Commercetools is a proven adult comparable e-commerce package. It is originally a German organization with more than 600 employees, 250 of whom are active in the development of Commercetools.

Composable means that you can compile your online stack for a successful online exploitation of your e-commerce channels. The principles that apply to "Composable Commerce ” are:

  • Flexibility; modern flexible concepts such as Jamstack and MACH enable you to put together a solution that responds exactly to the needs of your customers.
  • Ecosystem; in a composite environment you can compile your stack with software that integrates seamlessly thanks to the MACH concept.
  • Modularity; the components can be used, redeemed and removed independently, providing flexibility, time to market and optimal customer experiences across the different digital channels and touchpoints.
  • Focused on the momentum of your company: new business models and strategies are relatively easy to implement without being hindered by outdated IT structures.

Commercetools are built from the ground up based on the MACH architecture, which ensures maximum flexibility, expandability and scalability and thus enables a fast time to market.

PIM, CRM, OMS and more

Functionally speaking, Commercetools are already very complete in the base, with extensive features in the field of PIM, CRM and OMS. Of course, the use of the MACH architecture allows Commercetools to be fully expanded with separate SaaS components. For example, the PIM or CRM part can be replaced by an external SaaS component. 

Headless Commerce, multilingual, omnichannel; you have complete freedom thanks to the separation of front-end and backend to offer your target groups an optimal experience across the different channels. This leads to growing online sales.

Commercetools and Human Digital

Human Digital is a full service digital agency with a multidisciplinary team of experts who successfully guides organizations in the process. Quality of the solution and speed of realization are in good hands with the team. After going live, we remain the growth partner who successfully develops the digital environment together with the customers. Based on need, the Commercetools platform is further enriched with complementary tools such as Sendgrid, Algolia, Sanity, MyParcel, Sendcloud, Mollie. etc.

Let's talk? 

Do you want to know more about Commercetools, or further fine-tune your digital plans? We are happy to show you how Commercetools helps your organization with the very best online service for your customers. Feel free to contact Sales Manager Marc at

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