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A suitable digital experience for visitors to your online channels? You can achieve that with Sitecore XM Cloud. Thanks to this platform, you can seamlessly connect – based on click and surfing behavior – to what is relevant to your visitor. 

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Sitecore XM Cloud

Do you want to go for more involvement, more conversions and more satisfaction? Then you go for Sitecore XM Cloud!

User central

You can stand out from customers, clients and your supporters by being relevant online. So: by connecting as closely as possible to the wishes and needs they have. Sitecore XM Cloud helps marketers and developers in an efficient and effective way. This way your organization serves customers even better, and you save time and money. A real win – win, as far as we are concerned.

Always up to date and in control

Are you always up to date without updates? Sitecore XM has done that well, thanks to cloud software. Upgrading yourself is therefore no longer necessary: you can always continue with the latest and best that this platform has to offer.

Not unimportant: with Sitecore XM Cloud you are in control yourself. The flexible architecture adapts effortlessly to the use and number of visitors, without you being dependent on an IT department or external agency. Thanks to Edge technology, web pages load at lightning speed, with, as far as you set, possibilities for personalization based on visitor behavior.

Smart, fast and omnichannel

Be consistent across all your online channels. In addition to the relevance of your content to visitors, this is a key factor for success. But every marketer knows: keeping track of and placing things on all those channels costs a lot of work and a mistake is easily made. With Sitecore XM Cloud, that is a thing of the past. The intuitive editor with drag & drop function helps you create content or pages smartly and quickly, also for an omnichannel environment. This way visitors always know exactly what they can do for your organization.

Customization for every organization

Yes, you are dealing with a composite CMS here. So you only choose the functionalities you need. You don't need a developer for this. This means that Sitecore XM Cloud saves a lot on development costs. You always do this spot-on with this platform: based on data, it gives you the best insights to optimize dialogue and interactions with your supporters. We cannot imagine a finer assistant.

Sitecore suits organizations with one of the following issues:

  • The organization is multilingual, has different labels or brands and / or serves multiple country locations online
  • In the organization, digital teams work on contextual (personalized) content about the product / brand/the services
  • The organization works with one-to-one communication, through personalization and marketing automation
  • The organization must be agile and flexible, a short time-to-market is important
  • The organization has many different types of visitors every day that you like to serve better
  • The organization likes to use content for multiple channels; personalized offering based on visitor behavior is a requirement
  • The organization likes to save on translations
  • The organization wants to grow conversion significantly
  • The organization increases conversion and service levels based on data

With Human Digital you aim for the best service

With your organization you are ready for your customer. Online and offline. Digital possibilities and expectations are changing at lightning speed. Human Digital helps you keep those online service levels high.

In our academy we train developers and marketers in your organization to make optimal use of Sitecore. Do you (temporarily) need extra hands? Then our Sitecore specialists are a solution. You hire an individual professional from your existing team, or you hire a complete team of specialists at your location. This is how you kick-start the implementation of Sitecore XM Cloud and increase your success.

Do you have other questions, for example in the field of strategy, concept and user experience optimization (UX), online marketing, visual design, development or services and operation? Even then you can contact us.  

Marc van Human Digital
Successful companies and brands rely on Sitecore for their digital ambitions. Think of names such as Volvo, Honda, L'Oréal, Ortec Finance, Eneco and AON.
Marc Gutlich Sales manager

Let's talk? 

Does Sitecore XM Cloud sound too good to be true? We are happy to show you how Sitecore helps your organization with the very best online service for your customers. Contact us for a no-obligation introductory meeting.

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